About Us

Aquadiva - started in 2005, was created out of the need for some glamour to  ‘boring sports swimwear’. The original and most beautiful fashion sports swimwear in the world blasted onto the market and has been trusted, loved and worn by olympians and world champions since the beginning! Known for it’s superior quality and originality, the designers have always set the standard for this type of swimwear. 

Because Aquadiva garments have such a long lifespan, our followers have been able to collect pieces from different releases over the years and treasure them as pieces of wearable art. Our colour palettes are carefully chosen to give you plenty of design options and our styles have been perfected to give comfort and coverage for all figure types.
Mix and match options are completely endless in the BIKINI MIXERS and this gives a sense of fun and practicality when our shoppers are building their collection - it also helps on those early mornings when grabbing something quickly to wear and gives just the boost to jump into an icy pool!

Whilst trying to please all ages, athletes, and figure types, we aim to produce swimwear that is practical for active water sports and is going to stay in place. We understand that some wearers are wanting briefer cuts and through customer research and product development we are confident that there is just the right amount of variety in choices for everyone. Parents will always want more coverage for their daughters but we have styles that are just a bit more cutaway to please the older girls. There are styles to suit larger bustlines and fuller figures and our friendly staff are always ready to assist if you have any difficulty understanding our size guides.
When you decide to become an Aquadiva Water Goddess you become a part of our quest to bring glamour to water sports.

Love from Aquadiva xox