đź’– The magic of 'Deep Water', 'Reflections' & 'Serena' đź’–

Hello gorgeous girls!

This week we have something for everyone! Lets start with the exotic tribal feel of 'Deep Water' with its luscious greens and blues, 'Reflections' with its bright summery gelato colours and 'Serena' in icy cool pastels. These are available in your choice of the classic Sprint cut, the new tie back Oceana, the Sprintique for all our curvy girls, and the full range of bikinis, including the brand new 'Sky Hi' bottoms and Surfer Girl top!  

If you haven't heard, the Sprintique is every woman's solution to comfy supportive swimwear, as it features a soft hidden shelf bra, silky wide straps, and has delicate seams running down the body that are shaped to flatter the beauty of the curvy female figure. 

We've been hearing great feedback about the Oceana too! Specially designed to have the perfect mix of elements, so there's no need to compromise function over form - it always fits, performs and looks AMAZING doing it! 

Let's not forget about this weeks new solid colour - fall in love with our crystal inspired 'Amethyst'with its silky soft polished look that sparkles in the sunlight so nicely! Available in a range of onepieces and bikinis. 

That's it for now but we'll be back with more next week. Don't forget to follow and tag @aquadiva_swimwear on Instagram - we love to share Aquadiva girl photos and see new designs in the wild!

Until next time! XOX

The Aquadiva 'Ballet Back' is perfect for pulling the sides of the waistline in and stops water gush - but it just looks and feels so good as well! This weeks solid colour 'Amethyst' is so luscious with it's ultra glossy finish that sparkles just like a real crystal!

Try the new Surfer Girl with its smooth stitch-free neckline and invisible joins on the tubular shoulder ties. Super comfy and ready for anything!

It's all about tie backs for the onepieces in the new 'Reflections' design. We also made it to mix + match with all the other new colours, so you can team it with almost anything in your Aquadiva bikini wardrobe and it'll always look good!