💧 Summer never ends for mermaids! Brighten up those back to school BLUES 💦

We've got some blues to brighten up your back to school week!

You're probably out making the most of your last weekend of freedom so we'll keep it short and sweet! But if not, you should check out our new Shoppable Gallery where you can see lots of different photos from all of our latest shoots, mix + match ideas and more. If you like something just click on it and add to the cart - yes its that easy! Perfect for a relaxing afternoon off. 

We know you've been waiting for this one so here it is! This week's NEW release is 'Ariel' with its beautiful shimmering scales that'll have you looking like a real mermaid!

And if you want something subtle and elegant, check out the new 'Azure' and 'Sapphire' solid colours. They're all available in your favourite onepieces and bikinis!
Love from Aquadiva ❤ xox