💖 Luscious Velvet - so HOT right now 💖

Hello gorgeous girls!

SO summer is just around the corner - which means Christmas is only days away and the good news is that we have THE PERFECT presents for mermaids! 

For those of you who like to dazzle and razzle your competition, why not set some eyeballs on sizzlemode with the seriously HOT Pink Velvet Silique onepiece?! Don't be worried about it being too gorgeous to be a serious training suit. The fabric is really durable and will never fade. It's soft, stretchy, feels super plush and of course it won't be transparent even when wet! 

So sorry to tease with all the choices but don't you just love the Kalimna Collection in Reef, Opal and Berry? Even if you are trying to hold back at least spoil yourself with a bikini piece and maybe even mix it up with some of our ever-faithful solid colours. A girl can never have too many go-to pieces after all! 

Leaving the winter pales behind?! Then set your tan to glow with the pretty Surfer Girls top in soft Citrus. It's double lined so you won't have to worry about it being see through and it gives really good support during running and surfing activities - a must for your bust! 

That's it for now but we'll be back with something new next week, plus something super exciting so stay tuned! 

Until next time! xox

The Sky Velvet Oceana Onepiece has been flying off the shelves - so we thought PINK might be a good idea because when is pink ever a bad idea?! 

More delicious colour in the brand new Kalimna Collection. Saturated with purples of every shade and brushed with a touch of delicate seashell pink, this print is gorgeous in bikinis and onepiece <3

It's like they say - imitation is the best form of flattery! So many sports swimwear brands have followed our lead and copied our look but be sure that when you choose Aquadiva you are purchasing the original and might we say- the best! Thank you to all our girlies who know the difference between high quality Australian swimwear made by REAL Aussie girls compared to cheap imports that rely on exploiting foreign workers for profit. Don't forget that you vote with your dollars as a consumer, too! So remember to vote for Australia's future :) 

The shoestring tie straps melt seamlessly into the garment with not a stitch of thread to be seen and of course for practicality, tie them to suit your comfort level. All made with the most luxurious, high quality finish possible!