Welcome to the brand new Aquadiva website! 

Eco & Ethical

Aquadiva takes inspiration from our favourite season, summer, and the essence of hot days, starry nights and the feeling of wanderlust. We aim to create swimwear that not only looks magical but feels magical to wear!

The beauty of the natural world is also very inspiring to us, so it makes sense to look after it as best we can! Our environmentally conscious swimwear is not only designed to last and reduce the need for consumption, but is produced with as little waste and environmental impact as possible. We are totally committed to running an environmentally and socially responsible business to ensure the health of our planet for future generations to come.


Only the best product quality - no cheap junk here! 

We choose materials our material for two main reasons - not just for their beautiful feel, fit and finish!

 they have to be the highest quality possible. We believe in slow fashion, not disposable swimwear! When you buy an item you should be looking to make good use of it, not throw it away after a few swims. In fact many of our customers have full collections of Aquadiva pieces from seasons past. 

The second reason is that they are the most technically advanced fabrics available. Meaning they will last as long as possible because they're made out of the best stuff we could get our hands on! The side benefit is that they're also 100% chlorine proof. 

Recycling - waste not! 

All of the waste products created in our manufacturing process are recycled. Even the inks that are used in the Aquadiva fabric printing process are earth and human-friendly. We also pay to have all waste paper taken to a recycle plant, while scrap fabric is donated to local community projects. 

100% Australian Made 

When you buy Aquadiva you are buying a product that reflects the hard work and passion of many talented Australians.  

Our team of dedicated artists and craftspeople produce Aquadiva right here on the sunny Gold Coast, in Queensland - not in a foreign country.
We believe in providing Australians with a means to live and prosper, not taking advantage of cheap labour in developing countries to maximize profits. Be wary of brands that produce cheap quality items and pocket the price difference - success should not be at the expense of others.  

We pride ourselves on what we do and do it to the best of our ability! 

Solar Powered 

The Aquadiva studio is completely solar powered. 132 solar panels cover the entire roof, providing 30KW of clean, earth-friendly power. The panels generate enough energy to more than cover our energy needs, so extra power is put back into the grid. You can wear your Aquadiva's with peace of mind knowing the same sun that lit up today helped give you a beautiful swimsuit!

Giving to Charity

You may know that Aquadiva is crazy about animals! Each year a considerable amount of money is donated to environmental and animal welfare groups both in Australia and overseas, such as the WSPCA, Sea Shepherd, Green Peace, PETA, SOI DOG and numerous others. We also choose to only stock and promote vegan brands which do not test on animals and share the same ethical outlook.