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Sponsorship Applications


We're SO excited to announce the start of the Aquadiva Sponsorship Program! ♡

We've been supporting girls who support us since forever.  But, we also know that there's tonnes of other girls out there who want to be part of the team - we get asked almost every day for sponsorship, so its time to make this a thing! 

♡ You have until 12PM Midnight on Sunday 15th October to submit your most creative entry possible ♡

We want you to think differently and do something unique that shows us why you deserve a spot on the team! You can make a video, write us a poem, show us a bunch of cool photos, do something positive for charitable cause, or ANYTHING you want as long as its made by YOU. Whatever you do make sure it demonstrates your unique personality. 

You don't have to be a professional athlete. However, we do need you to be involved in your sport with passion, commitment and an aim to take it as far as you can. This means that you should ideally be competing, but if you're not competing you need to be getting regular coverage such as photos and videos. 

What being on the Team means - 

  • Your very own spot on the Aquadiva Team page on our website.
  • Lots of Aquadiva swimwear, stickers, merchandise and other goodies  - you'll always have something beautiful to wear! 
  • Promotion through our social media and other marketing activities. 

    What we need in return - 

    • The deal is simple - the more you do for us, the more we can do for you!
    • Promotional material needs to be sent to us every week, or at minimum every fortnight - videos, photos, competition results, sporting activities and more so we can promote you! 
    • Tag us in your Aquadiva related social media posts :) 
    • We need you to love and always wear your Aquadiva stuff! This means not wearing or promoting any other swimwear brands. 
    • Most importantly of all we need you to represent us as being friendly, personable and a good sport no matter what while also having the most fun possible! 

    Your application should include - 

    • The basic information stuff: Name, age, location, occupation (if you have one), etc. 
    • Sports and athletic activities, any achievements you might have, plans, goals, aspirations etc.
    • Photos, videos or whatever else you want to show us - MAKE IT COUNT! 
    • Social media account details - Instagram is best. Facebook not needed. Blogs count too! Extra bonus points for YouTube channels! 
    • Creativity - no boring letters and nothing written by your parents :) 
    • Anything else you think we need to know that relates to why you deserve a spot on the team. 

    Once you're ready to send your application in - 

    • Make sure you've given yourself enough time to make the 12PM Midnight on Sunday 15th October deadline. 
    • If you have lots of files to send (videos + photos) you might be able to send them via email if they're small enough, but the easiest way is to sign up for a www.dropbox.com account. Use your account to upload your files and then invite us to the folder via email. Ask us if you need any help with this. 
    • Otherwise you can just email your application to - media@aquadivaswimwear.com 

      ♡ We look forward to seeing and hearing from you! 

      Love always,




      Aquadiva Sponsorships now open - athletic swimwear for girls and women, chlorine proof, ethical and made in Australia!